therearenokingshere_dave thomas

There Are No Kings Here.

Fingerprints by Dave Thomas opening January 13.

Currently living and working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dave Thomas, paints haunting figures inside surrealistic landscapes using his unique style of fingerprinting. He has shown work nationwide and internationally, including murals, and publications.  He received his BA from Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, Iowa.   

My work is centered around a blurring of time and realities. The figures I paint are set inside scenes of a future dystopia but touch on themes of old mythologies and older magic; the kind of half-truths and false memories that persist through generations. I set out to capture the fear and wonder I feel as the world seems to collapse further daily and recontextualize it into a fairy-tale-esque nightmare which pits the transcendental and unexplainable against the concrete and the accepted reality. This tension hints at the evil and mystery lurking just under the surface.