photo etchings by John DeMotte opening July 6 and on exhibit through August 31. John’s opening reception will be held Friday, July 6 from 5–7pm.

John DeMotte is a founding Director at PaperWorkers Local, a non-profit community based printmaking facility in Birmingham, AL, as well as VP and Master Framer at The Atchison Gallery/Village Framers, Inc. He received his BFA from University of Montevallo in 1987, with concentrations in photography and printmaking.

I photograph places marked and weathered by time. Instead of making classical photographs, emphasizing “golden hour” light or the “decisive moment,” I use photography as a means exploring abstraction.

The process of creating a photograph transforms real spaces into flat pictorial space. Using photomechanical printmaking methods, I can combine images to create new pictorial spaces. Within these new spaces I explore abstraction by mixing structural elements and more natural forms.

For this ongoing project I have used photographs to create 12 photo-etching plates of the same dimensions. Each print is a combination of two of the plates printed together creating a unique image. Some of the prints utilize the same images but the color combinations are changed. With 12 plates and infinite colors to work with the number of potential combinations is vast. For now the series is made up of single unique prints. As I work through more combinations, I will choose some combinations to print in editions.