Golden Era of the Locomotive

Ken Boyd: Visual Preservation

This exhibit will be located on the Second Floor Gallery. Reception will be announced on Facebook Events. Ken will give a talk during the opening reception at 6:45 pm covering his art and career.


My photographic approach is for a clean, simple orderly image.  Every element in an image relates to the story of the photograph and any elements that do not relate or distract have been removed.  My ultimate goal is an elegant, romantic and idealized image – the world in a perfect state of harmony whether a historic watermill, locomotive or other subject.  Lighting is critical and most images are the result of even and soft light on an overcast day or at sunrise or sunset.  Every aspect is previsualized and carefully executed.

My photographic journey began in the late 1970s and progressed through the traditional wet darkroom, to oil-tinted black & white photographs, through the hand-made alternative prints of the 19th century and into the digital and computerized age of today.  Throughout this journey, my approach has remained very traditional and my photographs, even digital images, are often described as “painterly.”  I strive for an old-world look with careful attention to detail and nuances of tone.