Hendrickson work


paintings by Robert Hendrickson on exhibit through June 28. Opening Reception Friday, May 3 from 5-7pm.

Current(s) is a group of seemingly disparate works of art which actually converge conceptually. The title, Current(s), makes reference to works that have not only been recently produced, but also references works that center around the idea of an exchange of energy. Within various works, these types of energy differ and the way in which those energies flow can change. The collected works in this show span more than a decade of studio practice. While most of the pieces are recent, bringing these works together highlights a concept that has been a consistent studio presence for an extended period of time; an exchange of energy between two bodies. Whether those bodies are celestial, astronomical, terrestrial, or even abstracted; there is an ever-present current of energy between us and everything around us (near or far) which never ceases.