Cadence by Sarah Dunn

Opening reception Friday, July 1 from 6 to 8 p.m.

On display in the Leo Reynolds Gallery through August 26, 2016.


Sarah Dunn’s artist statement:

The exhibit, “Cadence,” is an attempt to gain an understanding of our daily lives and how we express aspects of our everyday experiences. The work displays an investigation into what communication and consideration sound like and what this closer interaction might feel like when presented in this particular gallery setting. To develop the project, I first interviewed a group of people from differing backgrounds. After the interviewing process, I closely photographed each person from varying perspectives and distances. Both the interview and photographic processes seek to consider the unspoken and sometimes unnoticed aspects of our everyday experiences that we don’t necessarily communicate or acknowledge. The combination of the audio, the photographs, and the way in which the two mediums are meant to interact in constant communication with one another offer a chorus of individual thoughts and physical representations. Walking through the space, the audio will create a collective rhythm from individual voices as it responds to the movement of others. While the exhibit requires that the viewer physically move through the space in order to both hear and see each person represented, it seeks to acknowledge how we depend on, respond to, and interact with each other. Therefore, “Cadence” is the result, not only of the movement of the photographs connecting different elements of the figures, but also of the unique compositions created as each voice responds to the presence of the viewer.