2016 GMA Art Camp

Color Your Summer FUN: 2016 GMA Art Camp

Kindergarten – 2nd grade

June 20-24, 9 a.m. – Noon
$75 for members, $85 for non-members

Activities: Tie-dye, Color Wheels, Landscape, Self-portraits and more!

On Friday, parents and friends are welcome to view the work in a mini exhibit curated by the artists from noon to 1 p.m.

3rd – 5th grade

June 27 – July 1st, 9 a.m. – Noon
$75 for members, $85 for non-members

Activities: Tie-dye, Color Wheels, Analogous color compositions, Self-portraits and more!

On Friday, parents and friends are welcome to view the work in a mini exhibit curated by the artists from noon to 1 p.m.

Art camp registration form: gma_artcamp_2016

Southeastern Scenery

Southeastern Scenery: Through the lens of Jill H. England

On display in the Leo Reynolds Gallery May 6 — June 24, 2016


Artist Statement
“I spend a lot of time with my husband hiking and exploring, mostly in Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina and Florida. A few years ago I put together my Southeastern Scenery collection in the form of a calendar to share with our families. I have continued to build on this collection as I’ve continued to explore and find new inspiration. I’m very proud to call the southeastern U.S. my home and, I am continually enriched by the inherent beauty I find in my native surroundings whether I’m close to home or venturing out into neighboring areas.”


Opening reception: 6 to 8 p.m. May 6 during First Friday. Admission to the Museum is free; light refreshments will be served.

2016 Student Exhibit

The annual Student Exhibit will be on display May 9 to May 30, 3016. An opening reception will take place Saturday, May 14 from 2 to 4 p.m. There will be a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention ribbon awarded to each grade. Magician Jonathan Wooten will perform during the reception.

During the reception, the Museum will accept donations for Thirteenth Place, a local non-profit that provides shelter care for youth ages 11-17 that are in crisis homeless situations.

Families and friends are encouraged to attend the opening or come see the show while it is up. There is no admission charge to visit the Museum.

Photos from the opening reception: flickr.com/photos/gadsdenmuseum/albums/72157668397795445

2016 Student Exhibition

2016 Student Exhibition winners (more than 300 entries from city, county and private schools)

1st: Kensley Thomas, Thompson Elementary
2nd: Joshua Tomas, Thompson Elementary
3rd: Isaiah Hooten, Westbrook
Honorable mention: Kensley Thomas, Thompson Elementary

1st grade
1st: Samuel Ramirez, Donehoo Elementary
2nd: Caleb Martin, Donehoo Elementary
3rd: Kamori Hughley, Donehoo Elementary
Honorable mention: Keelianna Jackson, Adams Elementary
Honorable mention: Trinity Laughlin, Walnut Park Elementary
Honorable mention: Alexis Gayton, Walnut Park Elementary
Honorable mention: Jy’onna Vinson, Adams Elementary

2nd grade
1st: Gracie Jordan, Donehoo Elementary
2nd: Maddox Brown, Adams Elementary
3rd: Kingsly Weathers, Donehoo Elementary
Honorable mention: Will Cantrell, Eura Brown Elementary
Honorable mention: Jerry Diaz Lucas, Adams Elementary
Honorable mention: Zyan Gibson, Donehoo Elementary
Honorable mention: Lisadra Diego, Adams Elementary
Honorable mention: Jillian Veasy, Donehoo Elementary

3rd grade
1st: Niki Tummala, Eura Brown Elementary
2nd: Zydia Coats, Donehoo Elementary
3rd: Tristan Clayton, Mitchell Elementary
Honorable mention: Matthew Sparks, Eura Brown Elementary
Honorable mention: Emma Kate Kimbril, Eura Brown Elementary
Honorable mention: Rubi Dubon, Donehoo Elementary

4th grade
1st: Jamia Turman, Walnut Park Elementary
2nd: Eric Allen, Walnut Park Elementary
3rd: Cameron Rolley, Thompson Elementary
Honorable mention: Caleb Rushing, Westbrook
Honorable mention: Aluryonna Estep, Walnut Park Elementary

5th grade
1st: Harsh Patel, Walnut Park Elementary
2nd: Jacobed Rodriguez, Walnut Park Elementary
3rd: Kynleigh Thomas, Westbrook
Honorable mention: Carly Patterson, Westbrook

6th grade
1st: Ruban Gaspar, Gadsden Middle School
2nd: Melinda Lopez Ramirez, Litchfield Middle School
3rd: Lauren Weaver, Westbrook
Honorable mention: Iyana Whitney, Emma Sansom Middle

7th grade
1st: Jennifer Lopez, Litchfield Middle School
2nd: Azalea McRae, Gadsden Middle School
3rd: Brenda Lopez, Emma Sansom Middle

8th grade
1st: Pooja Patel, Gadsden Middle School
2nd: Mary Clare Bone, Gadsden Middle School
3rd: Tobi Akinsaya, Gadsden Middle School
Honorable mention: Lindsey Cotton, Gadsden Middle School
Honorable mention: Catherine Haynes, Gadsden Middle School

9th grade
1st: McKenzi Dunn, Gadsden City High
2nd: Karli Smith, Gadsden City High
3rd: Bethany Bowen, Etowah High
Honorable mention: Ashlin Bowen, Etowah High

10th grade
1st: Jamya Dunn, Gadsden City High
2nd: DeAsia Aaron, Gadsden City High
3rd: Megan Pratt, Etowah High
Honorable mention: Sam Polluck, Westbrook

11th grade
1st: Grace Feely, Southside High
2nd: Maria Barksdale, Etowah High
3rd: Karen Naugher, Gadsden City High
Honorable mention: Dani Bohannon, Etowah High

12th grade
1st: Madison Boring, Gadsden City High
2nd: Vaneisha Trimble, Gadsden City High
3rd: J.T. Cliffton, Westbrook
Honorable mention: Sarah Blackstock, Westbrook

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Fairy Garden

Create a Fiesta Fairy Garden

Come celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us on Thursday, May 5th at 5:00 PM. FLD Garden Shop is offering a hands-on class to help you create your very own fiesta fairy garden!

This class is for all skill levels, so if you’re new to fairy gardening, we’ll help you get started from scratch. If you already have a fiesta fairy garden and you’d like to develop it further, bring it along and we’ll help you change and grow it in creative new ways.

Fairy gardening is a hobby that dates back hundreds of years, but it has recently been experiencing a surge of popularity as a fun way to build elaborate gardens on a small scale. Adults and children alike are getting swept up in the whimsical, imaginative art of building tiny habitats to accommodate their playful, mischievous fairy friends.

There is a $15 Registration Fee which covers soil, moss, and glass beads. Class limit is 15 people. Bring your own container or pick from FLD’s selection. You will also pick out your fairy accessories and plant(s) to create your own price point.

Register online or call FLD at 256-442-1060. Space is limited!