Unchained and Unseamly

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Blake and Hannah Sanders’ “Unchained and Unseamly”

As ardent environmentalists, Blake and Hannah Sanders spent a long time deciding whether they thought it would be right to have a child. Hannah heard from some people that having a child is the most selfless act one can take, while simultaneously hearing — and often fearing — it might be the opposite.

“I can understand why people do and why people don’t decide to have children,” she said.

But the couple did decide to have children, and 10 months ago, Levee was born. As artists — and art professors at Southeast Missouri State University’s River Campus — the Sanders were able to turn uncertainty into inspiration. This month, The Arts Council of Southeast Missouri is hosting an exhibition of the couple’s art in an installation project that includes prints, collage and drawing. (x)

Unchained & Unseamly

Blake Anthony Sanders hails from Cedar Falls, Iowa. He has a BFA from the University of Northern Iowa and an MFA from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA in Printmaking.

Hannah March Sanders was born and raised in Georgia. She has a BFA from Tulane University in New Orleans and a Printmaking MFA from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

Online: orangebarrelindustries.com

2016 Alabama Clay Conference

The 31st Alabama Clay Conference took place February 5-7 at the Mary G. Harding Center for Cultural Arts and the Gadsden Museum of Art. Presenters included Martha Grover, Paul Lewing, Marty Fielding and Mark Rademacher.


Fiery art: Alabama Clay Conference taking place in Gadsden at AL.com

Student work from the University of South Alabama at the #alabamaclayconfrence #ceramics #sculpture

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