Starting Over

“Starting Over” is an exhibit of photographs by David Compton. He suffered a stroke in 2012 that paralyzed the right side of his body. As a right-handed individual, David has had to learn to use his left hand.

“My work is meant as a way to show my career as an artist is not over despite my handicap.” – David Compton

In conjunction with “Starting Over,” art therapy canvases by HealthSouth Rehabilitation stroke survivors will also be on display.

Art by stroke survivors on display in partnership with Healthsouth Rehabilitation

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Alabama’s Finest: Grace Wever

The main floor gallery will host the opening of Alabama’s Finest, featuring work by Grace Wever, a mixed-media artist from Huntsville, Alabama. Wever constructs what she calls “fabric collages.” She describes her creative process in her artist statement: “I begin with color, thus setting the emotional temperature of the piece, locate candidate fabrics in my stash, and begin a layout. My stash of perhaps a thousand fabrics includes silks, hand-dyed cottons, batiks, synthetics, metallic silks, cut velvets; fabrics that are translucent, iridescent, crinkled and otherwise textured. The cutting process is critical, first roughly then finely shaped pieces emerge, and I create a jigsaw-like image, but unlike a real jigsaw puzzle, the pieces begin to overlap, and the image continues to evolve during the creation process.” Wever’s work will be on display until mid-January 2016.

Grace Wever